Tweet   Almost 2 years back I did a quick post rejoicing about JMS removal from LiveCycle and Work Manager API introduction in LiveCycle ES2. It’s been a while since then and this post summarises what benefits we get with Work Manager and what is critical to do in any LiveCycle ES2 + installations so Work Manager works in favor of you and not the other way around. Important: ALL […]

Tweet Hello Everyone, It’s been super busy at work recently. Lots of great agile teams based projects. Been busy in architectural work and delivering those hard earn builds. It’s been fun filled 2011 at Avoka. While I look forward to the challenges and opportunities for 2012 its becoming clear that a good information network supported by social connections will be really helpful to learn and deliver really good solutions. Friends at Adobe have […]

Tweet LiveCycle product blog has recently published a nice article that allows you to check if the LiveCycle scheduler has started properly in cluster mode or not. Thanks LiveCycle team for publishing the details. The blog entry can be found at –

Tweet If you have found this page while struggling to get something to work in LiveCycle PDF form then you can’t afford to ignore this article . If you are thinking of creating more than 2 PDF forms for your organisation then this post has something that can save you days, weeks and lots of coffee (Saves you $$$$) !!! Anyone who has created PDF forms in Adobe LiveCycle designer […]

Tweet Hi All, I’m really looking forward to using the Workbench add-ons that adobe just released on the labs. More info and download at – Here are my fav features among others – Variable Highlighting Schema Editor Type Selection Improvements Thanks LiveCyle & Workbech team…

Tweet Until LiveCycle ES2, the JMS was used in LiveCycle to manage processes and tasks. This has led to some of the odd and painful incidents.. LiveCycle ES2 uses Workmanager API (JSR-237) which will definitely make the LiveCycle community happier.. The Livecycle server can also have the java parameters to control the workmanager throttling options. Here are the option that you can tweak as java parameters: adobe.workmanager.debug-mode-enabled adobe.workmanager.memory-control.enabled adobe.workmanager.memory-control.high-limit […]

Tweet In my quest to use XPath functions & expressions more efficiently in LiveCycle I managed to achieve ‘conditional set value’ yesterday. Example scenarios: Add some text to email body if some condition is true/false. Add some text into T&Cs if certain product is selected. In a generic/single Email or Set Value step you need to construct a big block of text. eg. Offer letter with certain paragraphs based on […]

Tweet I’m thrilled to see LiveCycle ES2 help page with the links to all of the ES2 documentation. Thanks to Livecycle Docs team at Adobe for publishing this one page reference. I’ve seen colleagues and clients struggling to find different docs since I started working on LiveCycle, some 4 years back. This is the page that we all should have in our bookmarks. Thanks again Doc team!!

Tweet I was recently reading about upgrade to ES2 and new features of ES2 and these are my favorite bits. I’ll play with ES2 after the GM release and post the experiance later.. But so far this is what I’m really looking forward in ES2. Simplify testing and deployment by previewing your business process, including testing form and Flex® user interfaces, and recording the process results. The testing is on […]

Tweet I was experimenting with xpath expression and found that the ‘and’ and ‘or’ works perfectly as the logical operators. I’m perosnally so happy to see them working. In few cases it was too hard to configure the conditional routes with just OR/AND joint. I’ve attached an example to demonstrate a simple usage of ‘and’-‘or’ logical operators. This is the condition that I’ve put in the example. (normalize-space(/process_data/@Input_Value1)=’555′ or normalize-space(/process_data/@Input_Value1)=’666′) […]